How to join Hypecity Membership?
: Create an account on our website 
Click here to Sign Up
If you had an account or purchased before, you are a member now!

What are the benefits of Hypecity Membership?
• Points and Rewards (RM1 = 1 point)
• Birthday Voucher RM10 (min. spend of RM100)

• Points and Rewards (RM1 = 1 point)
• Birthday Voucher RM10 (min. spend of RM100)
• Free Gifts
• Exclusive Offers

How do members collect points and what are the points used for?
: Members earn points for every RM1 spent, which can be used for order discount during checkout.
[ 100 points = RM1 Off ] 

How to check Member Point Balance? 
: Log in to our website > click the Menu Bar  in the top left corner > click on My Account

How can a member upgrade to a VIP?
: A member can upgrade to a VIP by accumulating 5000 points and can start enjoying exclusive VIP benefits.
A VIP needs to spend a minimum of RM1000 within one year to maintain VIP status.

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